Safari on iOS/iPadOS 15 is a Game Changer
Safari on iOS/iPadOS 15 is a Game Changer

Safari on iOS/iPadOS 15 is a Game Changer

If you weren’t yet convinced that the iPad will some day replace your MacBook, then let me provide to you the latest nail in the coffin. Safari on iOS (Slightly surprising) & iPadOS 15 supports extensions, and not a toned down version either. Full on, extensions. Here I will highlight a great and powerful Safari extension: One that I am and have used prior – now better!

1Password Leads The Way

1Password from Agile Bits shows how it’s done, releasing a mobile version of their popular desktop browser plugin

“Everything you love about 1Password is now available in Safari on iPhone and iPad. And it’s as incredible as you could possibly imagine.”

Extensions that don’t comprimise your safety

1Passwords Safari extension on iOS and iPadOS 15 brings the desktop level extension to iOS for the first time. With the dropdown interface, we’re all familiar with when entering login forms, no more opening up the keyboard to access 1Password. No more pasting 1-time codes, just like on the desktop, they’ve pasted automatically, and finally, oh my god, no more having to take seven steps to set up a new website account on your phone!

Suggested smart passwords and saving are included, because, yes, it’s the whole desktop extension for your iPhone or iPad! Need more options or need to search for a different login, no need to wait for the 1Password UI to open from the keyboard, simply tap the extensions button on Safari > 1Password, and oh the familiar extension UI pops out with your passwords, a search bar, favourites, card details, the lot!

Safe, safer, Safari extension

Even more incredible, is the ease of setting up two-factor authentication, unsurprisingly, exactly as you do on the desktop version. You tell it to scan the page for the QR code and done. 1Password’s new iOS/iPadOS extension then really is a game-changer, let’s see what the future holds and what other developers can bring to the game

You can read more about the new Safari extension directly from the developers in the blog post above.

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