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Brit’s 2017 Predictions

Reading Time: 2 minutes


The nomineesĀ for the 2017 Brit Awards have been up for a couple of days now and I’m going to have a bash at who I think is going to win. Continue...

Apple’s Got a thing for iOS *.3

Reading Time: 2 minutes


If you remember back to March 2016 you’ll remember Apple released iOS 9.3. Probably the biggest minor updated for iOS. It brought with it Night Shift Mode, Protected Notes and the ability to remove inbuilt apps. Continue...

It’s Becoming Harder To Leave Facebook

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Last week I posted about how I had logged out of Facebook for a week. This itself works but disabling your Facebook brings with it a whole series of complications. Continue...

Merry Christmas!


The Storage Wars Are Changing

Reading Time: 3 minutes


In the past few years there has been a war on, who can make the biggest capacity drives in the smallest size – pen drives, SD Cards, Flash Drives and so on. Continue...

I Logged Out Of Facebook For a Week & It Was Awesome

Reading Time: 2 minutes


The past week I’ve challenged myself to check and log into my social media accounts less than I used to. To achieve this I started with the biggest offender of social media – Facebook. Continue...

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