Go and Vote!

Today is the day! The snap general election has arrived, it’s time to vote for who you want to run the country. Do you want Theresa May or would you prefer Jeremy Corbyn. Here in Scotland you might want to vote for the SNP to help get them seats at Westminster.

In 2015 there was a 66% turnout for the General Election but we can do better than that this time. In the Scottish Referendum a massive and unprecedented 84.6% turned out have their say on the future of Scotland.

Don’t leave it to someone else to make your future or the decision for you. If you really don’t know who to vote for this morning is your last chance to have a quick read of the manifestos of each party (It’ll take no time at-all if you skim read them) and then make your mind up. If you still can’t decide, ask your friends – Who are they voting for and why?

Just please make sure you visit the one of these your registered at:

Polling Station

Then put one of these, in one box, on a piece of paper:

Place an X in the box

It will be quicker than the time it took you to read this.

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