TV Prize Money Could Be Much Better Used

Last updated on 5th April 2018

After watching a TV game show re-run and hearing from a contestant that they’d met the host on another show in the past, I thought this was a bit selfish and surely it should go to someone more deserving. My nitpick with TV gameshows is all the contestants seem well off already, none of them seem poor or rough but I don’t have any statistics on how many contestants on gameshows are classed as lower class.

So make that probably nearer £300K

This got me thinking though – How much money do we see get given away on TV every week? There seems to be umpteen number of TV game shows and TV shows with massive prize giveaways. Two TV channels at the time of writing are listing prizes totalling £265K, two cars, two holidays and music gadgets bundle, so make that probably nearer £300K in prizes and that’s just in show competitions, that’s before adding in gameshow winnings! Surely we can put that to better use and help fix our broken country. Do we really need these prizes, could we survive a week without them?

My thinking is if, for even one week, TV channels changed their giveaways and distributed the money to charities and the homeless then we could solve so many issues our government is failing to do. In 2015 “7.3% of the UK population were experiencing persistent poverty, equal to roughly 4.6 million people. Persistent poverty is defined as experiencing relative low-income in the current year, as well as at least 2 out of the 3 preceding years.” (ONS, 2017) That’s an astounding statistic and it’s not going away, what’s more mental health is an ever-increasing topic in the UK, and is it any surprise when “just over a third (35.8%) of persistently poor individuals expressed high levels of anxiety”

So lets spread the message to TV channels, we want just one week of money and prizes from in-show-competitions and gameshows being shared between charities to tackle poverty in the UK.

– Hey @itv @stv @channel4 @channel5 – I want prize money put to a good use. Will you pledge to giving prize money to charities for a week?

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