So what is the wide game? Basically, we, the people attending the sleep-over raising money to go to Alton Towers, all gather in the church hall waiting to find out what this years ‘weapon of choice is’. Thankfully, I was put on controlling the music so was not subject to the first ‘attack’ when everyone is in the hall. As the bass began in Deadmau5’s Professional Griefers, out they blasted in monkey suits with what appeared to be water pistols, spraying everyone they could, it turns out that what was in the guns was dye!

Once they had finished spraying us we bundled into the mini-bus and were taken to a secret location that was the purple pin here:

Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 00.50.30

And the goal was to get back to the blue dot.

To begin with we got dropped off at roughly half ten and everyone went to the right of the map so we decided to go to the left. After entering quite a few trees and scaring the crap out of ourselves we decided to head towards the road which made us even more cautious! Because we knew we were looking for people in black and white and possibly with torches when we saw street lights we though it was some of the hunters. Twenty minutes after being dropped off we hadn’t made it far and had crapped ourselves many times. I felt that because I knew what I was looking for I actually started seeing white and lights and hearing the cracking of branches… We decided to get away from the trees and road and headed down the middle of an open field with some sheep. Now sheep are very stupid and simply run away from people, so we knew that if they ran then somebody was after us. A few fences, roads and fields later and we had managed to make it back into the town. Now the hard part, getting into the church, we had predicted that they would be waiting outside the church and surprise surprise, they were waiting. So, how do we get in? One idea, go to one of our teams house and jump over their fence into the church, the problem, we had to cross the road up from them to get there without getting caught. The plan: Look completely different to what they expect. Now this worked, up until the point that they didn’t turn around when someone wolf-whistled which caught them out leading to the dreaded words”‘there’s two of them there!” being shouted. Busted. We had no-where to go, we ran into a back alley but got stuck and caught, thankfully though they didn’t spray us. So, after just over one hour of trekking through and over fields, trees, grass, fences, gates and roads we had been caught. Not bad for our first ever time playing ‘The Wide Game’