A couple of weeks ago I was in Dundee and it was only then I saw the impact that Technology is having on itself. Go into Game or HMV and you’ll find crazy low prices on some products and some very empty stores… I took a look in HMV and whilst browsing the music section there were offers like two for £10 or three for £20 and all I could think was ‘I can get ALL these on Apple Music or Spotify forever for just £9.99’. Go to the DVD section and I spotted the IT Crowd, £23 for every episode, but Channel 4 has just recently made all episodes available free whenever you want on 4OD. This was when I had the realisation that Tech is killing its self on the high street.

Take movies or TV shows and what pops into your mind first? Netflix. Again, one fee unlimited streaming. What you stream every week is probably about £100 to buy in stores but you’re getting it for no extra cost. I was looking for an adapter for a new Bluetooth lightbulb I’ve purchased, I bought one in Maplin for £4 which hasn’t worked properly and have subsequently bought one on Amazon for just 76p! Although my delivery date is anywhere from the 22nd to the 12th! The only issue with more and more of the industry going online the need for high bandwidth, fast download speeds and unlimited usage increases but the UK is slow at getting these to people outside of major cities.

But it’s not just the Technology High Street that’s dying. There was a new Iceland being built in the Overgate in Dundee and the old premises that was still open was pretty empty in terms of customers. Why? Online shopping! It’s becoming cheaper to shop online than to drive to the store. The one places that are feeling a gain though are convince stores where Technology hasn’t hit because it just doesn’t make sense.

Technology Retail stores are also feeling the crunch with Apple moving Watch orders to online and having support agents online who can help you with your device without having to go to a store. Banks are doing it as well, bringing live chat to their website and reducing the opening times of branches and waiting times for customers.

The Technology Revolution has however brought us cheaper content, quicker.