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Snapchat this evening released a new feature called Snap Map. Yes, that is its official name. So what is Snap Map? Put simply, Snapchat has integrated a map view to its app where you can view your friends, if they allow it, and also bringing back a feature I’ve missed – The ability to view event based stories! If you joined the Snap game late then you might have missed the original version what is now called ‘Our Story’.

You used to be able to view stories from events that were happening all over the world and contribute to them straight from the app, something you can still do. The difference though is that these appeared right where your friends stories are shown so you could see events even if you weren’t in the ‘zone’. After one of many snapchat updates though, you needed to be in a certain geofence to view them as far as I could work out.

Now though, they’re viewable straight from Snap Map, so again, what is Snap Map?

The base idea of Snap Map is that you can view friends stories on a map and also events that are happening around the world with some featured events. You’ll notice on the map that there are some areas of strong colour, these are very active locations giving an idea something is going on there. For example, the south west of England at the time of writing is hosting the music festival Glastonbury.

Clicking on any of the event images allows you to view the event story! Finally, it’s back! If your not at Glastonbury this weekend then you can keep up with all the action via Snapchat

As mentioned you can view friends on the map too (None of my friends have it set up yet so I am yet to test it) however you can set yourself to hidden or shown to a selected group of friends. They’ll still be able to see your normal story but just not your current location

I’m not entirely sure how it works out if you driving or flying but from the advert Snapchat released it is capable of working that out

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