Meet Clips

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It has arrived. A few weeks ago Apple announced ‘Clips’. From what the website showed we had a feeling it was going to be a Snapchat clone, but its not.

It’s like iMovie, Snapchat and Garageband had a child. You can use the soundtrack files from Garageband and presumably anything made through Garageband, Snapchat’s filters and iMovie Themes and text.

It isn’t the quickest app to use if I’m to be honest, to create the 30s clip below took me about five minutes of faffing about. It feels like its been made for the creative users of the iPhone, those who are making videos for pages or sharing than for posting funny clips on Snapchat or Instagram.

It’s like iMovie, Snapchat and Garageband had a child

You’ll notice in the video there’s a caption that types live, this uses a text to speech system that with my accent is a bit iffy!

There are a variety of text themes

There is, at the moment, two location based captions, with the time and your current city

Finally, here’s some screenshots of how it looks in the main and creation screen

Download it now: Clips by Apple

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