I Logged Out Of Facebook For a Week & It Was Awesome

The past week I’ve challenged myself to check and log into my social media accounts less than I used to. To achieve this I started with the biggest offender of social media – Facebook. What I did was logout from my laptop and log out from my phone the latter being a bit difficult to achieve. I also muted Facebook Messenger notifications so I would only go on it a few times a day. The reason behind this is I was tired of being bored and just sitting and scrolling through social media – Recently I’ve been busy with work so I’ve not really had time for this. I was also getting sick of getting constant notifications at work on my Watch.

Logging out of Facebook on your phone isn’t as straight forward as you would imagine it is, when you click log out your actually presented with a ‘Choose Your Account’ screen. The only way to properly remove your account is to delete it from iOS settings but that brings a whole world of complications to it when it comes to single-sign-on apps.

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This believe it or not stopped me from sitting and scrolling through my feed. I actually ended up usually logging in, checking my notifications and logging back out again because I couldn’t be bothered checking my feed! If you feel like you spend too much time on Facebook this is definitely a good option to try.

The reason I muted Messenger was because I felt like I was checking if people had read my messages and they hadn’t replied to me, by muting messenger I didn’t know if they had replied and never got pestered by notifications when they did if I was busy. This again has lead to me only checking messenger a few times a day unless I’m in the middle of a conversation.

It’s actually a nice feeling and kinda clears your head a bit not being on social media all the time, not trying to reply to people instantly becuase your not getting notifications that they’ve replied.

Seriously, in the run up to Christmas when its about being with friends and family, get your head out of your phone, log out of Facebook and spend some precious time with your family. You never know, after a few days you may be like me and actually barely use it anymore.

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