Jeremy Corbyn… is on the cover of NME.

Yes, yes you did read that title correctly.

Jeremy Corbyn is this week’s cover item for the weekly NME Magazine, available for free and distributed at various locations around the UK. Well, what can I say? Erm, he needed to appeal to the young people, that’s where the hidden votes are this year, with so many of us not voting in previous elections the politicians needed to do something didn’t they?

NME Editor-in-Chief Mike Williams sat down with the Labour leader to ask him questions about the General Election next Thursday. This is an interesting tactic and one that was last done in 1998 by Tony Blair and let’s not forget – He went on to win the election.

Tony Blair on NME

With the opinion polls getting tighter and tighter day by day it’s so important for the two front runners to do everything they can to appeal to their voting groups.

The Labour party has managed to wriggle its way into way young people, myself included. That is why this is so important, he is doing what the parliamentary recess for a General Election is for – Campaigning, getting his voice and manifesto to the masses whilst May isn’t even letting the press in.

One of the questions asked to Corbyn was “Why do you think that it’s the youth who are getting behind you so much in this general election?”

To find out his answer you’ll need to head to the NME Article or pick up a copy, they’ll be available until the end of the big day – Thursday. Whilst we’re on that topic – Please please please, vote. This is your future, our future, I trust you’ll make the right decision.

Now, let’s see what we all came here for eh!?

I’ve got my copy!
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