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With iOS 11 just one month away from release the features are getting tested all over the world by developers and public beta testers like myself.

One feature I decided to test over the past few days is the new Long Exposure mode in photos which you’ll be able to get with any device that is capable of taking Live Photo’s. What it does it very clever – It takes the Live Photo, performs some analysis on it and applies a Long Exposure effect that you’d usually only be able to do on a DSLR

Take the following photos:

These were NOT shot on a DSLR camera, they were in fact #ShotOniPhone.

It’s the way it gets the really small details too that I love about this feature. Check out this before photo, you’ve got the Ferris wheel in the distance and Princes Street to the right of the photo.

If I apply the Long Exposure effect to this photo what you get is insane. All from the click of one button.

That’s all it takes – Scroll down from the photo and click ‘Long Exposure’. I’m really looking forward to seeing the results that professional photographers will get with this new feature. I just have one wish – Can we make the Live Photo time longer to really get some cool Long Exposure shots?