Apple’s Got a thing for iOS *.3

If you remember back to March 2016 you’ll remember Apple released iOS 9.3. Probably the biggest minor updated for iOS. It brought with it Night Shift Mode, Protected Notes and the ability to remove inbuilt apps. That was a pretty out there update for not having been announced before hand.

It looks like Apple may do it again this year too, if rumours are to be believed iOS 10.3 could contain a fairly significant feature being dubbed ‘Theatre Mode’

Or a cinema as we call it over here in GB

This is the source of all the rumours and you know how out of hand peoples ideas can get. Some are speculating that it will be a mode that severely dims your phones screen, puts it on vibrate only mode and does a couple of other things for when your actually in a Theatre (Or a cinema as we call it over here in GB) – Which would be a fair prediction considering the “Popcorn-shaped Control Center icon”

On the other hand, people think it is the long awaited Dark Mode. Dark Mode was expected to arrive in iOS 10 but never did, it arrived in TvOS instead. There are some beautiful mockups online too of what a Dark Mode iOS would look like and I’d totally love to have it.

Sonny Dickson also has information that the first beta of iOS 10.3 will arrive on January the 10th for developers

It seems highly likely that both these tweets are true as Sonny has a history of getting true information from sources. In May 2016 he correctly got information that iOS 10 would introduce a non-physical home button

All we can do however is sit tight and wait to see what Apple really has in store for iOS 10.3. Will this be completed in time for iOS 10.3, will it be a literal Theatre Mode or is it some codename for Dark Mode? January 10th it would appear will have all the answers we’re looking for.

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