Here’s Why I Love Beats 1

Last updated on 18th August 2017

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Two years ago Apple officially flicked the switch on Beats 1 ( @Beats1). Two years on the hype is all but gone and Beats 1 is just another radio station available only through Apple Music. What most people forget is that it is free to listen live, you don’t need an Apple Music Subscription to listen. You only need one to listen back to shows.

Here’s what I really enjoy – There’s such a diverse range of programs! With The One Mix – a one hour mix of house and dance music from worldwide DJ’s, Start Making Sense! With Jehnny Beth ( @JehnBeth) – A program where Jehnny takes a look at genres of music and themes such as ‘What is Indie Music’ (Ep 55) and ‘Songs For Solitude’ (Ep 51). There’s also music God Elton John ( @EltonOfficial) who buys just about every new single he can find and listens to them according to @EdSheeran, Elton’s Rocket Hour is an amazing mix of new and old with him even playing some @Stormzy!

Then there’s Beats 1’s pride and joy – It’s anchors. Zane Lowe ( @ZaneLowe) in LA, Ebro Darden ( @OldManEbro) in NYC and my favourite Julie Adenuga ( @JulieAdenuga) in London each bringing their own unique taste to the lineup. There’s a little something for just about everyone in the Beats 1 line up. And that’s just it, there’s so much different music and that makes it both unique and great place for discovery. If you tune into any mainstream radio station all you hear is the same music over and over and I’ve got a little fed up with hearing Rag ‘N’ Bone Man’s hit single Skin.

Thanks to Beats 1 alone I have found over 30 new and upcoming artists over the past few weeks and months, the best being Sigrid ( @ThisIsSigrid) (See-grae) who’s single ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ has been my favourite song for months now despite reaching only no 62 in the UK Singles Chart.

Beats 1 has a major upper hand in terms of music discovery, it is the only Radio Station (That I’m aware of) that has full access to a music streaming service – Apple Music – giving it access to over 20 million songs and pure data about single submissions and future releases as they are submitted to the service.

It may not have had a fanfare launch or have major hype around it and with no figures we can’t say how big it actually is however, Larry Jackson has said that Beats 1 is the “biggest radio station in the world” and streaming to over 100 countries that’s not too difficult really? I mean most people listen to local radio stations, I’m hardly going to listen to Heart London or a NYC radio station, Beats 1 on the other hand has no solid location, okay yes it has location anchors, but its not fixed – It’s not for one country its for all those countries.

Check out my Ones To Watch playlist on Apple Music (Most of which have been discovered via Beats 1)

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