It’s safe to say, the internet went mental.

A Facebook SDK outage/bug is reported to be the reason why, once again, many apps are crashing on launch. Just two months ago, a small change in the Facebook SDK code on the server side caused apps to crash for several hours.

How a Facebook bug broke major iOS apps from Spotify, Venmo, and DoorDash - The Verge

A Facebook bug in the social network’s SDK caused major app crashes on Wednesday. Here’s how it happened and why it’s a big deal for app developers that rely on third-party services from major tech giants.

This afternoon, the same thing would appear to be happening, with Facebook for Developers reporting they’re looking into it but a root cause has yet to be identified.

Multiple apps including Spotify, Tinder and TikTok are all crashing at launch with Spotify reporting they are aware of the issue

This only affects first party apps that have the Facebook SDK built in with third-party integrations such as those in the Sonos app being unaffected. This begins to ask the question, what is Facebook continually up to that this is now the second time it has happened in three months? Why should a company have so much power that it can cause apps to crash at the drop of a hat?

The last time this occurred it not only affected these apps, but indeed, Google’s crash reporting system Crashlytics both ended up having their own outages due to the increased error rate. Facebooks domination of the internet becomes scarily obvious to those who have never noticed it before when presented with this evidence.