EdiTravel – March Update

Welcome to the first monthly update of EdiTravel. Never heard of it before? Here’s a (quick) background story to it

EdiTravel was first build as an Apple Watch App because at the time there was no Watch app for Edinburgh Trams & Buses

The post above received great feedback and lead me to develop the first iOS version so that I could release the watch app publicly. I’d never written in Swift before so it was a massive task to build an iOS app and this was the results of V1

Yeah, it wasn’t pretty and wasn’t at-all functional. you could view nearest three bus stops to you and that was it and all the service status updates were manual. So there was an iOS app but it just wasn’t great. So a lot of thinking and hard work produced V2 where things looked a lot better, I’d moved onto TableViews, albeit simple ones, with fixed data amounts and had worked out a new system to access stops

Better but still missing bus routes and large amounts of expansion – The data it could show was limited, I couldn’t go into the server code and make it better on the fly. Back to the drawing board again!

Many different designs were tested for V3, all requiring a lot of time and work each time to get to work, I’d then decide it just wasn’t right and that it was time to go back to the drawing board and think of a better design. After many attempts it came to me. A lovely clean routes view at the top of the screen shows the next departure time, the routes that are at that stop, they could be updated on the fly and the TableView could accept as much data as I wanted to pass it along with being able to show the status of the bus and. Routes were added and status updates came from the server

So why do a version 4.0 if 3.0 was so good? Data updates. Every time there was a new route or a new stop was added a new version of EdiTravel would need to be released – It had to stop. 4.0 fixes that bug bare of mine, everything is server based, the routes are up-to-date, the stops are up-to-date and ready to accept new transport providers when the code is written.

4.0 is coming on great and I look forward to releasing it soon alongside the very first release of EdiTravel for Android – Yes, Android, I’m coming for you. After one and a half years on iOS I’m on the way.

So why will it still be a while before its release when the data is has now is out of date? I need time to perfect the new features, perform test and check the changes. They’re not easy to just roll back to release a new version with the latest routes and the latest stops, everything is intertwined and releasing it now would ruin the whole 4.0 experience

Wan’t to get your hands on it now? Well you can! iOS users can install the app via Testflight – EdiTravel Beta and Android users can find it on the Play Store

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