A Full Breakfast To Die For

I’m currently in Edinburgh for a few days and I wanted a cooked breakfast, I was adamant I was getting a cooked breakfast.  So I searched online and found an article from the Scotsman of the perfect hangover cure/cooked breakfast in Edinburgh. Result. Now to find one close by, that sounds good, the Edinburgh Larder, let’s try there.

Hidden down a street just off the royal mile we walk in to only a few customers, well it is 11am on a Monday. We take a seat at a table and decide, yup, we’re both having a full breakfast and for £9 it better be good!

The secured Wi-Fi is great for reading the news or browsing social media whilst you drink a very strong coffee and relax to the almost jazz music in the background and wait for your full breakfast.

Everything must be cooked to order because 25 minutes our full breakfast arrived.

The sausages had an almost firm skin giving them a physical tear as you bite through them and into the gorgeous meat, the beans clearly had a homemade tomato sauce, it looked thick and had a texture, the black pudding was flavoursome, I’ve never had a better tasting black pudding! The bacon was crispy and the egg runny with a thick white. It’s safe to say the end result could only go one way.

Its amazing. Not greasy or fatty like a full breakfast usually is. Definitely worth the £9

The BEST Full Breakfast I’ve Ever Had

After the meal I decided to have a cappuccino, if I had another black coffee I would be bouncing.

This is an absolute hidden jem just off the royal mile and I’ll definitely be back! When your next in Edinburgh, head down the royal mile, slip down Blackfriars Road and pop into The Edinburgh Larder.

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