Contactless Limit Up To £30

Today, the limit for Contactless card payments went up to £30 from £20 including ApplePay. As a worker in retail I know that Contactless payments and getting more and more popular and even the older generation are joining in.I am proactively saying to customers, ‘Did you know you can also use Contactless?’ if I see their card with the symbol. Some people have never used it before and find it fascinating and easy. Contactless is faster and if you’re using mobile payment systems, safer.

There’s facts to back this up too, the BBC quotes that “Transactions for the first half of this year totalled £2.5bn, already higher than the £2.32bn spent in 2014.” With the limit now even higher I’m predicting this years spending via Contactless to more than double.

Although spending may already be higher this year and with mobile payment systems now in the UK not all locations have contactless readers. Take Asda or Tesco for example, the store’s closest to me, Perth, still have standard Chip & Pin machines even on the self-service checkouts which are meant for low value shops, but in London they have contactless readers. The Co-Operative Food however confirmed to me that all of their Food stores support contactless payment! Customers are looking for shopping to be quicker and easier with the Co-Operative launching the slogan Little, Often, Co-Op.

I actually get annoyed when I have to Chip & Pin now because it takes so much longer than contactless and with ApplePay I never have to insert my card for security checks. I also hardly carry money on me so when I need to make a low-cost purchase contactless is my first port of call because Chip & Pinning £3 seems so odd, but using contactless doesn’t.

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