Apple is having to increase UK App prices

It’s not Apple’s fault. Don’t blame them, blame Brexit.

Brexit has been the source of many price rises over the past few weeks including supermarket food prices. The latest victim is the cost of Apps from the iOS and macOS App Store’s. MacRumours reports that as of next week 79p apps will go up to 99p and £1.49 apps will rise to £1.99

The reason behind all this and the iPhone and Mac price hikes is simple. The pound is weak.

At the time of writing $1 is 81p. Apple sells apps in the US at $0.99 so that doesn’t sound like a fair exchange rate right? Wrong, 81p is pre-VAT. 20% of 81p would be 16.2p making it 97.2p or basically 99p for ease. There’s no word of Google upping prices on the Play Store but with this not being the first thing to go up in price in the UK don’t be surprised if they announce it very soon.

Brexit strikes again.

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