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Alex, 16, Scottish, DJ, Radio Show Host, Geek, Only Child

DJ And Radio Show Host At 16 You Say!?

Yes, at 16 years of age I’m doing quite well with work in the music industry. I’m a DJ for Highland Spin and radio DJ at Heartland FM.

Highland Spin is a DJ trio, I am one of the trio. The group was set up in October 2011 originally with just two members, me being one of them. Over the year and a half we have been running we have played at birthday parties, local youth groups, Halloween parties, Christmas parties, school nursery fundraisers and alcohol-free teen nightclubs. Although the group has been running for about a year and a half I have known how to DJ for two years!

I have been hosting a regular two hour dance show on Heartland FM since the 24th of June 2011. Working at Heartland FM has been amazing! I have met so many great people and learnt to so much and there is still so much more to learn from the station manager, sales department and other presenters. I got into the radio work via a work experience week through my school which I really enjoyed. Three months before coming to Heartland I finished learning how to DJ and was loving it and thought going to Heartland would be a step in the right direction for me to progress with my skills. So I went along to the week, 5 days, of work experience and thoroughly enjoyed it. Bruce, the station manager, sat down with me and sort of interviewed me for about ten minutes about what type of music I was into and then said that he would be happy to give me my own show! To this day I am still hosting Alex’s Dance Hours which for the first three weeks was one hour long and then was extended to two after that!

Geek? What sort of things make you a geek?

Well I am a geek because of my personal life. I enjoy programming and at the moment I am developing a simple Android game using Java which I am enjoying doing, I hope to continue programming and expanding my languages. Exams are another point which make me a geek. I got an A in my Higher Computing exam. But that’s not the only things, coding in free time and getting an A in the Higher Computing exam. I follow technology strongly and really enjoy trying out new OS’s and trying to enhance them by developing my own apps to increase my productivity. I sat and watched a live commentary of the last two Apple Keynotes and downloaded iTunes 11 as soon as it became available.

So, now you know more than a bit about me. Anything else you want to know don’t be scared to get in touch by leaving a comment below!


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